About us

New generation iCIVCIV incubators

Our company provides solutions for software, internet technologies, IoT, machine design, agriculture and livestock sectors.

In the past four years, we have been active in poultry production and poultry production. Considering the problems in the sector. Adept Makina Arge Tarım İç ve Dış Tic.

iCIVCIV was founded in 2017 by Alanya Municipality Councilor Hasan Özdemir and Mahir Erbakan.

iCIVCIV is committed to delivering economic high efficiency and quality incubators to the end user and unconditional customer satisfaction.

The Adept Arge team produces Tubitak-supported projects and engages in R & D activities with the collaboration of the university private sector. The problems experienced in the sector, the experiences gained and the problems experienced by the end user are determined and the R & D activities are carried out at the academic level.

In line with this scope, for hobby poultry and breeders, QTM Series incubators were designed by Adept Arge. Tests were made on species and mass production was started. The necessary processes have been initiated for the products we produce to comply with all quality standards such as CE and ISO.

Our aim

To be able to offer economical, high quality and high efficiency devices to the end user.

Our mission

Unconditional customer satisfaction

Our vision

State-of-the-art production of innovative products, overseas market settlement and the country’s economy will benefit. R & D studies started May 2017 The first prototype has been completed and the test and reporting processes are currently under way.

iCIVCIV incubator how research development?

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